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Models of color made up 28% of the cast at Hermès today

  • Imaan Hammam
  • Ji Hye Park
  • Jing Wen
  • Kai Newman
  • Leila Nda
  • Luping Wang
  • Sun Fei Fei
  • Tami Williams
  • Xiao Wen Ju

A much better way to end fashion week than the 10% we saw at Louis Vuitton or the 11% at Miu Miu.

"#who do they kill though??#and if herc hansen is the boyf#is angela still around??#is stacker married??#or do they just keep it hush hush because lawyer and detective isn't such a great idea??" THESE ARE ALL SUCH GOOD QUESTIONS. Usually in AUs I assume everyone who was dead in canon is still just as dead, you know? I think they keep it on the d/l because it's not such a good idea. I haven't figured who they kill yet! D:


Couple spoilers under the cut for HTGAWM

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Gina Torres as Wonder Woman

Nicki Minaj as Power Girl

Laverne Cox as Huntress

Lucy Liu as Zatanna
Beyoncé as Black Canary

inspired by x

But the Star Wars trilogy contradicts Mara Jade’s existence!
no one ever

Orphan Black // Blade Runner [5/?]

"More human than human" is our motto.
Rachael is an experiment, nothing more.


In the Pacific Rim / How to Get Away with Murder universe?

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Yeah. Vote #2 for totally sick of it.

People are quick to shout “misogyny” for not liking the idea of a character written(well, not written, more “said”) in a super sexist way.

Nah, we’re quick to shout misogyny when fandom says misogynistic fucking shit. See below:

Literally every named character in the movie has an occupation directly related to kaiju.  All of them.

It’s a story about people and how they reacted to the kaiju.

What did TB say she was?  A model.  Sticking her in a corner of “never have to make her plot relevant an any way ever”.

The scope of PacRim was relatively small. There is zero reason for the scope of the Pacific Rim universe, its other stories, or even the sequel, to be as small as one movie about the last stand at the end of the kaiju war. Vanessa’s occupation has no bearing on potential future plot relevance. 

Since she doesn’t have plot relevance, you’d think she’d have more personality traits as a reason for people to want to see her.

But she doesn’t.  Instead she’s just “Hermann’s wife, mother of Hermann’s kid”.

So she’s a model(super attractive for pay), Hermann’s wife, pregnant with Hermann’s kid.  And some people see nothing misogynistic about a character defined by appearance and relationship to a man.

I mean, on a rational level, I know you know that Beacham said a little more about Vanessa as a human being than just this, but you’re intentionally leaving it out to make your weak point look a little stronger to those who aren’t intimately familiar with this subject.

On an irrational level, this makes my blood boil for a couple reasons. First, we literally only have sixty-two words of direct description about her—is it so hard to get the details right? Beacham also said she is Hermann’s equal in “wit and capacity”. She is not defined by appearance and relationship to a man; that’s your limited imagination, not the fault of Beacham (who was asked for brief descriptions, and was under no obligation to give us Vanessa’s life story). 

The second reason my blood boils whenever I see a shitty argument like this is that the diminution of a woman to “defined by appearance” based on her occupation alone is misogynistic as shit. Please just don’t. Ever.

PR needs more women.  But they should be similar to Mako in that:

No, stop. Stop holding other WOC up to Mako Mori in order to find fault with the tiny scraps we’ve been given about them so far. This is literally nothing but misogyny. PR needs more women; PR needs all kinds of women. Full stop. 

1.) They’re plot relevant.  They actually do stuff to advance the plot like all other characters did.

I don’t even get this. Once she’s included in a story, she will obviously advance the plot, because that’s what all the other characters did, so why should we expect any different?

2.) They exist independently of a male character.  Mako is a complete character without considering her relationship to Stacker or Raleigh.

Again, why should we expect any different from an appearance in a story? She will obviously be just as fully realized as any other PacRim character.

3.) They aren’t killed off for stupid reasons.  The paracanon has fridged so many women it’s not even funny.

The only character I can think of that even comes close to the criteria for fridging is Luna Pentecost. It sucks that she died, and that her death was framed as part of Stacker’s back story. On the upside, she went out fighting like a BAMF and had full agency in the decision to put her life on the line in order to save millions. 

If you’re implying that Tamsin was fridged too, I don’t even know what to say to you. 

4.) They aren’t stereotypes.  This goes double if they’re WOC.

Please tell me what’s stereotypical about Vanessa Gottlieb. If you say it’s because she’s an offscreen pregnant biracial wife (actual thing people have said before), please tell me where all the other offscreen pregnant biracial wives are. I would like to stan them too. 

TB has a habit of “adding diversity” off screen and after the fact, with no possibility of ever actually showing it.

Good news: there is a sequel coming out in 2017, and an animated series to fill in the gap between TFYZ and the first movie!

He did that with Vanessa, but also with two other paracanon women.

Luna Pentecost, Stacker’s sister who died in her first appearance for his characterization, and Tamsin Sevier, who was his copilot who died of what would later kill him, were said to be in a same-sex relationship.  After they were dead.  So there’s no onus on him to ever actually portray that.

I agree that it’s hella shitty that the only sort-of-confirmed same-sex relationship in the PacRim universe will almost certainly never be onscreen. Fingers crossed for lots of Tamsin in the animated series, and maybe some flashbacks. 

On that note, two of the other characters Beacham has added offscreen and after the fact, Pang So-Yi and An Yuna, are frequently shipped together by the few people who care that they exist and include them in fanworks. They stand a good chance of showing up in the animated series, given the timeframe. Also, they’re Jaeger pilots who are probably enough like Mako Mori to meet your ever-so-high standards of being acceptable woman characters in the PacRim verse, and they have the added benefit of not getting in the way of any white dude ships. Golly, it’s a wonder more people don’t write about them. 

By the way, if you actually agree with arkhamarchitecture’s assertion that Vanessa fans are starting shit in the Newmann tag, and not actually vice versa on the regular with great big steaming heaps of misogyny and racism, you are cordially invited to join me here in reality. 

Also, from the side of the fence that totally and 100% believes in Vanessa Gottlieb AND will yell their head off about Alison Choi, I have to say that the comment about how there’s no fuss put up about Alison because she’s “mentioned” in the movie, I feel like that’s a little unfair?

Because she is mentioned for LITERALLY ONE LINE of dialogue. How does that make her better than a confirmed character by Travis Beacham. Issues with Beacham or not, he confirmed the existence of Vanessa. I will also say that he has said nothing else about Alison beyond the fact that she works in munitions. But to hold ONE LINE OF DIALOGUE as the basis for a character’s existence? That’s. That’s kind of something I disagree with. Vehemently.

What makes Alison and Sasha (or Aleksis, depending on your personal head-canon about who is who with the Kaidanovskies) more acceptable? Is it because they speak/were spoken about? Because, honestly, one line for Alison (where she is simply NAMED) and supplemental canon (that nobody seems to have a problem with accepting, by the way) and a few lines for the Kaidanovskies seems to have cemented their place in fandom - small though it is.

But to accept the supplemental canon about Alison, the Kaidanovskies, and the Wei Tang Triplets and then to decide that the supplemental canon that includes Vanessa is suddenly TOO MUCH? Then yeah, it does sort of offend those of us who vehemently believe in and enjoy Vanessa’s presence in the fandom. I’m of the mind of ‘ship what you what you want, just don’t be a dick about it’ and unfortunately, almost 90% of the people who end up in the tag or, in one memorable case, actively seeking a Vanessa fan out just to harass them…then, yeah, it leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. You want this world to be as large as it can be, but you don’t get to keep an exclusive list, you know? It turns into a gatekeeper mentality and that’s a toxic thing - as well as being offensive and bothersome to others.

So, like I said, I’m definitely ‘ship what you want, just don’t be a dick’ person but also, understand that as people who like Vanessa and want to see her involved because she makes this universe so much bigger, we get a little tired and fed-up with people invalidating a character many identify with or just plain like.

The post I originally responded to was posted in the Newmann tag. I’m very sorry if Newmann shippers are going into the Vanessa tag and starting shit - they are wrong to do that. None of the Newmann shippers I follow do it and I don’t venture into the Vanessa tag for obvious reasons.

As for Alison, I’m not going to even try to argue “better character” because like Vanessa, she has very little characterization and that’s a shame. She is, however, a more canon character whether you like it or not, because Beacham himself is very explicit that the only 100% confirmed canon is the film.

If you don’t agree with that, then that’s it. That’s the end of our debate because that’s the fundamental point we are disagreeing on. I don’t take the paracanon as canon - I don’t think Vanessa exists, I don’t think Newt has six doctorates, I don’t think Hermann is blond and able bodied, and so on and so forth.

I absolutely, one million percent agree that Pacific Rim needs more women and it would be wonderful if they were women of color. However I don’t think that the first place we should look to add another female character is as the wife of an Alan Turing homage.

The post you originally responded to… where theangelshavethephonebooth specifically invited thoughts from everyone? And replies were open and everything? Requesting dialogue is “starting shit” now? Give me a fucking break.

Yeah, he said the film is the final arbiter of fact because someone asked about a detail of the Mutavore attack which was fabricated for the novelization. The point was that where the film contradicts the expanded universe materials, side with the film. 

The film doesn’t contradict Vanessa Gottlieb’s existence. 

The whole “Hermann likes men or nothing ~because Turing~” argument is actually one of the more original things people have come up with to try to erase Vanessa in recent memory (one person with whom I had dubiously constructive dialogue in the past said this was the reason they found Vanessa “viscerally appalling”). It was refreshing at first to see something other than the same old tired arguments (see also: the rest of this thread), but I’m already so over it. 

You realize that Hermann is not actually Alan Turing, right? Expy, homage, call it what you like. While we’re here, the only PacRim universe reference to Turing in conjunction with Hermann in any way is found in the novelization. Now, I absolutely embrace the idea that del Toro referenced Turing for Hermann’s physical appearance and potentially some mannerisms (eye protein!), but it doesn’t contradict Vanessa Gottlieb’s existence, and moreover their marriage doesn’t make Hermann straight—does not, in fact, present a devastating obstacle to any other ship you might wish for Hermann. 

In a nutshell, a WOC character does not need your fucking permission to exist in canon.


You ever think you’re over something and then it’s like no, nope, still bitter. Going to live and die on this hill, this is my home now.


You should really pay attention. You might learn something.